DualusDC_AssyAE-DualusDC: I have been meaning to create a low voltage driver and here is my outcome. Revolving around the soon to be most popular DRV8833PWP device, the DualusDC module promises to be one of my biggest hits. It gives you the ability to drive two DC motors with up to 2A maximum current per H Bridge. That’s a lot of current for battery operated applications. But if not, you can even parallel the outputs and double the capacity to 4A max. I do hope this is enough! BAttery operation from 2.5V to 10.8V. Board measures 1.1” by 1.1”. SMT connectors allow the soldering of application wires or 100 mils spacing header connectors. Building with this board is like wiring a chip!

AE-CNCPRO25_DecalAE-CNCPRO25: My passion for CNC machining has taken me an extra step towards the obvious: to design a stand alone stepper driver board. This is it! Designed to interface with the likes of MACH3 and EMC, the AE-CNCPRO25 gives you the DB25 parallel port interface to four axis power stages. Each power stage will easily give you up to 2.5A of current. This may not be enough to power up your PCNC1100 milling machine, but should tackle any small to medium CNC routers or CNC plasma cutters. I’ll be certain to keep you posted on how that last one rocks!

AE-MegaMotorII_DecalAE-MegaBridge II: Our little friend, the AE-MegaMotor was calling for a revamping and we heard the call. With the new higher current offerings from the DRV88xx family it only made sense to improve on the thermals and make a sturdier board. Behold the AE-MegaBridge II, a module enjoying from even better design techniques to run cooler, longer. It also offers more flexibility on how to pre-configure the pins so you don’t need to apply all the control signals with your microcontroller unit.

AE-CNCBridge_DecalAE-CNCBridge: The great majority of our stepper board users want to construct their own CNC machine. Whether small, medium or large sized, when it comes to stepper driving, our boards are already available. What we lack is a means of connecting the affordable driver boards to the computer’s parallel port. Although there is a gazillion parallel board drivers out there, there is not that many open source designs on this front available to the public. We just could not keep quiet with our AE-CNC Bridge finally coming into the picture!

AE-MDL-MegaBridgeDecalAE-MDL-MegaBridge: Although the AE-MDL_MegaMotor could tackle the single H Bridge configuration on the DRV88xx family of drivers, I decided to make a board specially for it. The reasoning? The single H Bridge version of this family has a single SENSE resistor and a combined output lines. Hence, to make it more efficient, it is clearly optimal to design the layout around these guidelines. AE-MDL-MegaBridge will accept devices such as the DRV8828, DRV8829, DRV8840 and DRV8842. Control your single DC motor with up to 5A of current! Layout has been optimized to accept the same heat sink as in the AE-MDL-STPR8811 allowing for better thermal performance.

AE-MDL-STPR11_Assy_DecalAE-MDL-STPR8811: Finally the means to achieve up to 2.5A pf bipolar stepper winding current with the worldly acclaimed DRV8811 from Texas Instruments. Whether you want to take this beauty to the 2.5A mark by adding a surface mount heat sink and a fan is up to you. This can still be a considerably economical driver board if you are not in need of the high current. But if you want to reach that extra torque only achievable by the 2.5A 8 degrees of microstepping sine wave peak, then the option is available.The 2.75” by 2.75” module has all the flexibilities you will need to fully control your stepper through a microcontroller or your computer parallel port (connection and protection from the computer must be added externally), or hard configure some of the control signals through jumpers.

AE-MegaMotor_ASSY_400AE-MegaMotor: Mega was the only name I could think of. This is a module board that will hold 10 different driver devices from Texas Instruments! If your head will not spin, here they are in numerical order: DRV8812, DRV8813, DRV8814, DRV8824, DRV8825, DRV8828, DRV8829, DRV8840, DRV8841, DRV8842. We are dealing here with dual H Bridges for DC or stepper motor control, Dual H Bridges with an internal indexer to drive bipolar stepper motors with up to 32 degrees of microstepping and a single H Bridge with larger current capabilities. You like ENABLE / PHASE interface? DONE! You prefer the IN1/IN2 style? DONE! The levels of flexibility are off the chart! Add to that all the goodies such as current control, over current protection, Thermal Shutdown and ease of use, and there is no reason to not make this your new best friend!

AE-PWRPlane_DecalAE-PWRPlane: This board will allow you to route your power rails with the least amount of mess possible and at the same time will allow you to easily disconnect individual connections if you need. Uses Molex Mini Fit Jr. Terminal Blocks, and 0.100 inch header connectors. You should be able to assemble this board in 5 minutes!

AE-DualDC3A_DecalAE-MDL-DualDC3A: Was it that I got tired of soldering wires to a board? Or maybe that I wanted two DC motor drivers in a single board? It matters not. Whatever the result of the previous reasons would be a pretty cool dual DC motor driver and as such it is my pleasure to offer the AE-DualDC3A. The name implies its coolness. It can not only drive two DC motors, but it can do so at up to 3A. Enough juice to move the great majority of small to medium sized DC motors. Same ease of use as the AE-DC1, except with improved connectivity and better thermal impedance for hotter runs.

AE-MDL-STPR1_ASSY_DecalAE-MDL-STPR1: The new and improved stepper motor driver. Better thermal performance, better access to some of the control signals as well as fixed some pads which were not properly plated. The STPR1 is a very nice module perfect to control your bipolar stepper with very little levels of consciousness needed. Just configure the internal indexer and let the DRV8811 do the rest. Up to 8 degrees of microstepping should take your bipolar stepper application to the next level!

MDL-7960_decalAE_MDL-7960: High Current DC Motor Controller. This 2” x 2” module houses either 2 BTS7930 or BTS7960 high current halh H-Bridges. The two half H Bridges can be used independently (for DC/DC converters) or bridged together (for large DC Motors). A heather connector offers access to ENABLE HI and ENABLE LO signals. The BTS7960 half H Bridge can supply up to 40A of DC current to your DC motor. This controller may be small, but it kicks some... OSS!!! ;-)

MDL-STPR77_decalMDL-STPR77 : Bipolar Stepper Motor 2” x 2” module revolving around the A3977 internal indexing microstepping driver. Up to 2.5A current controlled dual H Bridge outputs. The A3977 makes it easy to control any small/medium bipolar stepper motor. STEP and Direction are used to control the speed and direction, respectively. Two Mode Bits select from different resolutions of microstepping with up to 8 degrees of microstepping.


AE_DC1_DecalAE_DC1: The AE_DC1 is the tiniest DC motor controller you will find out there. This is not a speed controller for planes or cars. It is a 1” x 1” module revolving the A3950 full H Bridge. The board is small, but still this device can punch up to 2.8A of current! ENABLE, PHASE, SLEEP, MODE and FAULT are made available though a header connector. Pads are provided to solder your power and motor wires.AE-PWRPlane


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