AE-DC1 2.8A Full H Bridge DC Motor Controller:AE_DC1 (LEGACY)

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Controlling and driving a DC motor is usually very easy. But most controllers out there are big and cumbersome, What if there was a tiny, but still powerful, DC motor controller?

Well, there is! Our AE-DC1 DC motor controller is only 1” by 1”. That’s a real quarter , in the picture, by the way. If that is not small enough, then we are sorry! For those still considering this option, do not be fooled. The AE-DC1 may be small, but can still deliver up to 2.8A peak current to your DC motor.

This DC motor controller module revolves around the DRV8800/DRV8801 PWM Full H Bridge. The module offers access to all important signals such as ENABLE, PHASE, SLEEP, MODE, FAULT, etc.

In order to preserve a minute size, solder pads are provided to connect power lines as well as motor output. Stay tuned for our articles for some tips on how to use this module on your next robotic project!

Bare Board:



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