Dual DC Motor Driver with up to 3A current capabilityAE-DualDC3A_Assy

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When it comes to controlling DC motors, there is nothing better than the DRV8800. Its easy of use and all levels of protection make it a highly appealing device. Want to control speed? Place a PWM signal into the ENABLE and there you go. Want to control direction of rotation? PHASE input takes care of it! Current re-circulation modes are embedded and there are little worries. No need to worry about cumbersome Ix pin configurations, multiple PWM outputs, etc. The DRV8800 is simply a dream come true.

So when I placed one of these devices on my AE-MDL-DC1 board I started to wonder, why not two?

Our prayers have been answered as I introduce the new member of the AE-MDL Open Source Design products, the AE-DualDC3A. The name says it all. Two 3A DC motor drivers in a single boards.

There is no mystic science when it comes to using this controller. If you can control one of them DRV8800, you can certainly control two. The boards is extremely simple as well, as all complexity is packed on the small 16 pin HTSSOP DRV8800 device. Three terminal block connectors allow for power input and the two motor power outputs. An 8 pin header contain all the control signals you will need to interface to, such as ENABLE, PHASE, MODE and nSLEEP.

Bare Board:



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