Dual Voltage Rail Power Plane Board



The AE-PWR Plane is the solution to the wild cabling phenomenon that ensues on most applications with a single voltage source being routed to numerous modules. Wiring some of the AE motor driver products on a single system, is a good example. By providing multiple access points to two voltage rails, you can now take your high current power source (such as batteries or power supplies to power up motors) and the low current power source (such as the VDD to power up microcontrollers and logic devices) and distributed across the platform.

The AE-PWRPlane board accepts three types of connectors:

  1. Molex Mini Fit Jr 2 position 4.2 mm vertical Connector Header
    • MFG Part # 39-28-8020
    • Digikey Part # WM23800-ND
  2. 0.100 inch 2 position header connector
    • Any conventional header connector will do.
  3. On Shore Technologies 2 Position 5.08 mm (0.200”) vertical terminal block
    • MFG Part # OSTTA024163
    • Digikey Part # ED2580-ND

A series of mounting holes allow for the board to be properly mounted on your system by utilizing 4-40 screws.



ERRATA: Batch I on the AE-PWRPlane has a mistake on the silk screen at the top layer (not shown above). The bottom layer has the correct net naming convention, whereas the top layer has the right naming convention for the high current plane and the wrong naming convention (backwards) for the low current plane. It is recommended for the user to follow the bottom layer and ignore the top layer information.


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